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Did expect my break to extend to months . Will be back with better pictures in November

Apr 1, 2011

Will You Trust Me With The Latest Skycraper???....

My Nephew Sid

Achiever / Architect

Weekend Reflections # 80 - blocks reflected on the floor.

For reflection shots by other bloggers, Please visit Newtown Area Photo


  1. Absolutely. I certainly don't want to build them. If he's fearless enough, more power to him. haha

  2. The sky as his limit. All the very best for him.

    Please have a good new month.

    daily athens

  3. What a great job he's done! Love the smile on his face! Great reflection shot for the day! Hope you both have a lovely weekend and build lots more towers!


  4. who knows he'll become an architect later!

  5. Very nice photo. I like his smile. Good editing too.
    Melbourne Daily Photo


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