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Did expect my break to extend to months . Will be back with better pictures in November

Apr 3, 2012

Cliched Works...

Image edited using Photopos

Cliché - The Flame And The Moth

#Still needs work to get professional feel to the edit, but not bad for a self taught amateur, right?


  1. Making my way around the A-Z and returning the favor. :) I admire the artistic talents and am a bit jealous of those who have it. Lol. Just can't make photoshop stuff work for me. Good job!

    See ya round the sphere
    Charlene Blogs

  2. Rek, for a self-taught amateur, I'd say it is amazing!
    I really love this picture - it would make an interesting prompt for a fiction piece...

  3. Rek this is amazing. My husband does this intricate stuff as he loves to fiddle. He uses PaintShopPro. I do very simple editing only, putting on frames and effects and making badges and so on. I do love it but I hate how long it takes.


  4. Very cool! I love that effect, clicking on it you can see it in more detail.


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