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Did expect my break to extend to months . Will be back with better pictures in November

Dec 16, 2011

A Day's End...Not Just Yet

Bangalore, India

Added To SkyWatch Friday


  1. What a glorious way to wind down the day! Awesome capture! Happy SWF! Enjoy a beautiful weekend!


  2. Lovely capture, and like your grungy border too:)

  3. Beautiful!!! Enjoy the weekend's skies, blue, grey, or filled with a pallet of many colors!

  4. Really lovely shot! Beautiful blog.
    Darryl & Ruth :)

  5. This is a stunning sunset capture! I like the muted grays of the city and the interesting border.

  6. Wow, that's beautiful. A perfect image.

  7. That is truly beautiful. I wish I could take pictures like that. Truly stunning.
    A gift for you. But first i have to say, you are a magnificent writer and can't imagine that you would publish anything not perfect so keep in mind my review when I send you a copy of the Paradox (angels are here).
    I made note of my review that it needs an editorial job. I'm afraid this might irritate you but it is great entertainment. One of the winners didn't get back to me. So please let me know if you want the author to send you a paperback or ebook and then also where it's should be posted to if paperback.

  8. Nice photos. I'm a camera buff as well. I like to see these places that are new to me.

    Am now following, nice to meet you. Visiting your blog via the A-Z Blog Challenge.


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