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Did expect my break to extend to months . Will be back with better pictures in November

Mar 24, 2011

No Place Like Home

 Converted Sepia (Taken march 2011).
The Mumbai (Bombay as I love to call it still) Skyline.
Marine Drive Promenade.

My home for 27 years...
My only home in my heart, though no longer physically.

Love her or hate her
the princess beckons 
with her hypnotic gaze
her fair shores
 magnetic in their pull
like a phoenix rising from the ashes
every single time challenged.
life in her bylanes isn't easy
but the thrill of the ride
compensates for all the agony....


  1. Nice shot, true you can leave Bombay but Bombay will never leave you. Although i have spent all my life here in Bombay but it never ceases to surprise me.

  2. I will never see bombai in live


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