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Apr 26, 2012

Wilting In The Sun, Water Me Please !!

                                                 VOC Park, Coimbatore, India.

Temps were in the 37-38 C range (around 100+ F) all of last fortnight till the thunder showers on Tuesday.
The mercury has dipped but for how long? We have entire May and  June to withstand.

 - Wilting


  1. Poor flower looks like it could use some Gatorade!

    My mom used to put her flowers in a solution of Sprite and water which extended their lives a week. It's cool but doesn't work well with a garden full unless you're a Coca-Cola dealer.

  2. Really vivid and life-like quality to the picture...

    1. Michelle, thanks. I am unable to access your blog from yesterday, in case you get this reply.

  3. 100F -I feel the heat from here-lol!

    Such a beautiful flower; I wonder if flowers feel? I hope not. I think this will be the hottest summer that I've yet to see in my life time; It's suppose to be 90 here in Maryland Friday and it's only April!

    Well all we can do is try and keep cool and pray that there won't be a shortage of water.


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